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Lowongan kerja Stockbit Bibit (Back End Developer)


Bibit adalah platform iteknologi investasi yang mudah digunakan untuk semua kalangan masyarakat dan membantu berinvestasi dengan cara yang cerdas. Dengan bibit masyarakat bisa meningkatkan literasi keuangan melalui teknologi keuangan yang paling optimal.

Saat ini bibit sedang mencari tenaga profesional dengan posisi back end developer.

Job Description

We are looking for a skilled and passionate Back-end API Developer who will be responsible for our server-side application logic along with its integration with the front-end platforms. In this position, you will use your programming skills and tools to analyze and translate business/feature requirements into well-structured, efficient, scalable software. You will also be actively involved in researching new technologies/tools that can be incorporated to improve the current system.

Responsibilities :

  • Build solid, secure, performant and scalable APIs to serve our front-end platforms
  • Optimize existing codes to improve performance and efficiency
  • Collaborate with Product, QA and UI team to deliver features and improvements
  • Implement best practices in security and data protection
  • Design and implement efficient & scalable database

Minimum Qualifications

  • Great problem solving skills
  • Proficient knowledge in NodeJS (JavaScript) & Typescript - minimum 2 years
  • Implemented & worked with monitoring tools such as Sentry/Cloudwatch/New Relic/Datadog etc
  • Understand how to compose efficient database queries & scalable datastore schema
  • Experience using Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) : MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL (DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis)
  • Experience and strong understanding of Microservices concept
  • Well experienced in practicing good branching strategy on Git
  • Understands general security practice in back-end development
  • Self-motivated & eager to improve by keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in back-end development
  • Great team player, capable in collaborating with other team members
  • Good self-management skills, in particular with keeping up with timeline
  • AWS infrastructure knowledge is a big plus (S3, serverless, autoscaling, etc.)
  • Experience in Golang or other programming language is a big plus

Jika anda tertarik dengan posisi ini silahkan anda melamar melalui https://www.kalibrr.id/c/stockbit-bibit/jobs/195071/back-end-developer-node-js